The Sunnybank Inn

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Sunnybank Inn

Owned by Elmer Hall
Street 26 Walnut St.
City Hot Springs
State North Carolina 28743
Mile Marker 271.7
Price $15 Thru-hiker, $20 Sectioner
Work exchange Yes
Tents Allowed No
Holds Packages Yes; P.O. Box 233
Meals Yes; Organic Vegetarian, $6 B, $10 D
TV Yes
A/C No
Showers Yes
Kitchen Use No
Internet No

The Sunnybank Inn is a hostel in Hot Springs, North Carolina


Sunnybank (more commonly known simply as "Elmer's") has "a grand history," Hall notes in a gentle voice whose soft cadence reveals his Piedmont roots. "It's probably the oldest surviving house in the town of Hot Springs," built in the 1840s when the little mountain town (about an hour north of Asheville, by modern conveyance) consisted of just the natural thermal springs and a few farms. Around 1912, the Gentry family bought the house; matriarch Jane Gentry -- piano teacher, folk-music historian, weaver -- was an inspiration for the movie Songcatcher. [2]


Featuring a bounty of antiques in a Victoria home, this gives a warm and welcoming feel. The rooms often have two beds in them to cater to multiple hikers. Tents are hung from the back rails to dry where you can see the green house and garden. The caretakers are remarkably friendly and enjoy everyone's company. The music room add a lot of entertainment in the evenings and its location to the main strip provides a quite place in a busy atmosphere. Their lounge is a great place to meet new people or just sit back and read.


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